Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Wanted to

Hi everyone! I'am off till next monday soooo stay tuned, posts to come. Today I need to study for my marketing exam, but then I'll meet my boyfriend for a walk in Paris. What are your plans for this summer my dears?  And here is a song I cannot stop listenning to, really. Wanted to by Infected Mushrooms

Hi, petites "vacances" jusqu'à lundi prochain, mais j'ai surtout besoin de réviser et en fin d'après midi, une marche en amoureux dans Paris ohoui. Quoi de prévu pour cet été mes amis? Et voici une chanson dont je ne me lasse pas du tout. Wanted des Infected Mushrooms


  1. oh je d"couvre ton blog et j'adore ton originalité!


  2. Hi! You asked me to visit your blog, and first of all, YOU LOOK STUNNING! You're such a beauty. I like your posts, they're not too long, but still nice. I like more pictures with better quality, but that's the only negative thing in your blog, a better camera and you're going to be a star ! xoxo Katri

  3. WOooow, absolutely GEORGEOUS!♥